RZ BANTU RINGANKAN PENGOBATAN BAYI KEMBAR 3 DI RIAURIAU. Having triplet is a tremendous boon because not everyone can have triplet. This boon is bestowed to by the couple Mr. Juarnes Pranadita (30) and Ibu Siti Nuryaningsih (30). In January 2016 the couple who lived in the Riau Islands bore 3 twins at once. Their three daughters are named Nadira Alifah Putri, Nadhifa Alinka Putri and Nadhibah Aiyah Putri..

Nadifha was born healthy and has perfect physique, but Nadira and Nadhibah born as conjoined twins fused at the head. Siti and Juarnes certainly hope the baby can undergo a surgery to separate the skull in order to live a normal life.

A medical effort that has been doing with Nadira and Nadiba is by taking them to RSCM (Cipto Mangun Kusumo Hospital) located in the city. But apparently, the age and weight of the baby is still too small to perform separation surgery. According to the medical RSCM’s team, separation surgery will be done after the weight of each baby reaches 10 kg in their ages ranging from 8-9 months. Currently Nadira and Nadiba are 4 months their weight is only 3.5 kg.

Now the family is trying to take care of the babies and feed them the special milk for infants gain weight. Within 1 month Nadira and Nadiba could spend 12 special milk-sized 400 grams. This milk price is quite expensive because the milk specifically to gain weight. To reach 10 Kg, it is estimated that they need 60 cans of milk again.

While the economic conditions of families is actually very understaffed. Juarnes and his family stay at home with their parents. Especially since the birth of his beloved daughter, Mr. Juarnes been retrenched from the company where he worked. The reason the company issued a letter of dismissal because Mr. Juarnes often did not go to work because when her daughter was born he should take care of his wife and three daughters at the RSCM Jakarta.

Alhamdulillah for the kindness of RZ donator through #sharinghappiness program, there is a glimmer of hope to help Nadira and Nadibah gain sufficient weight to perform the surgery. But Allah is love the babies more, in July 2016 and both died in his mother’s lap.

Though both parents grieved, but they are sincere and should remain patient because they still have Nadhifa that become thier motivation to keep the spirit. Assistance is provided on Saturday (08/10) at Jln. Batu 8 Gg. Menur Juang 6 No. 23 Sei Jang subdistrict, Bukit Bestari Tanjung Pinga district, Riau Islands. Assistance will be used for Nadifha’s daily needs.

“Thank God, I thank you profusely to Rumah Zakat and donators who have helped me to ease my child’s medical expenses. Although the twins had gone, pray also for Nadifha hopefully she is always healthy, and become a pious child. Hopefully RZ and donators are always given the abundance of grace from Allah the Almighty. Aamiin. “Said Mr. Juarnes tearfully.

Newsroom/Nur Shyfa

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