RZ BANTU WARGA TERDAMPAK BANJIR BANDANG DI KABUPATEN TRENGGALEKTRENGGALEK.Flash floods that hit 8 villages in Gandusari subdistrict Trenggalek district. It happened because of Heavy rains that took place on Tuesday (08/16) at 21:00 pm until Wednesday morning had caused Tawing river to overflow and made the village Gandusari subdistrict in submerged in flood. Flood peak occurred on Wednesday (17/08) at 4:00 a.m. to 07:00 a.m with a flood height between 50-150 cm.

At 01:30 pm most of the flood began to recede in some areas.

Flooding causes about 4,991 homes were flooded as high as 50-150 cm. Here is the data of homes were flooded :

– Ds. Jajar 200 families
– Ds ngrayung 152 families
– Ds 970 Sukorejo families
– Ds Wonorejo 2503 families
– Ds Gandusari 500 families
– Ds Wonoanti 120 families
– Ds 275 Widoro families
– Ds Karanganyar 250 families
– Ds Melis 11 families
– Ds Krandegan 10 families
– Ds Sukorame – no

In addition, the floods also submerge farmlands consists of 48 hectares of which 40 ha in Krandegan vuillage, 6 ha yar village and 2 ha Widoro village.

Thus RZ channelled aid to Gandusari village Gandusari subdistrict on Wednesday (17/08) in the form of 80 cans of SuperQurban corned, 73 rice packets, 103 packets cleanser (soap, floor cleaners, dishwashing soap), 3 boxes of biscuits and 15 pieces cleaning tool (sorok and mops).

In the second stage of aid distribution conducted in the next day (08/18) in Pucung Gandusari, Gandusari subdistrict, Trenggalek regency. On the occasion channeled 75 cooked rice, 1 box of biscuits, 1 box of dish soap, 5 pieces cleaning tools

“When RZ team arrived, the water started receding but some areas still under water, the height varies, and the highest is 1 meter high.” Said Mirna, Volunteers of RZ Kediri who participated in distributing aid


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