RZ BEKASI SALURKAN 100 PAKET PAKET BUKA PUASA DI BEKASI TIMURBEKASI.RZ Bekasi on the second week of Ramadan, Thursday (06/16) distributed 100 Iftar Package (BBP) at Masjid At Taqwa Jl. Bunga Harapan RT 01 RW 08 Dewi Kartika East Bekasi. A total of 7 RZ’s Volunteer helped in this distribution.

The event started at 17:00 pm, starting with Qur’an recitation by youth mosque, then followed by a speech by Muhammad Ofan as the representative of RZ Bekasi and Agus as Chairman of DKM Masjid At Taqwa. The division of iftar packages to the congregation of the mosque and residents around the mosque carried out after the speeches.

Masjid At Taqwa is the third location since the beginning of Iftar package in this Ramadan. The location is close to RZ Bekasi office, so that in every Ramadan this location included in the distribution list.

Anisa (16), one member of the mosque youth expressed gratitude for iftar package given to local residents.

“With this activity the mosque become more crowded, colorful and feels friendlier. Thanks RZ.” said Muhammad Fadil Amil (19), secretary of Remaja Bunga Harapan youth organization.

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