RZ BERI BANTUAN AL-QURAN KEPADA MIN MEDAN MEDAN In the routine activity during Ramadan, RZ volunteers distributed Quran and Iqro to Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri (MIN) at Jalan Pertiwi Ujung, Medan Tembung, Wednesday (6/22).

“The program routinely performed by RZ every Ramadan is commonly referred with Syiar Quran. This is an activity to share Quran and Iqro for school children so that they can examine the Qur’an in Ramadan,” said the coordinator of Syiar Quran, Sugi Prawansyah.

Sugi explained, in addition to Syiar Quran, volunteers RZ also shared Eid gift for the needy (BLK) is reserved for the elderly among the middle and lower economic condition by providing food packages, Eid gift for Orphans (KLY) given to orphans and the poor as well as Iftar package (BBP) in almost every district of Medan.

“This event is a national program conducted by RZ in Indonesia,” he explained.

While the principal of MIN Medan Tembung, Ahyar S.Ag, M.Pdi, expressed his thanks for the help given by RZ to them in the form of Quran and Iqro for students
“The assistance provided by RZ is very precious and we from the school will utilize it in the best possible way,” said Ahyar.



Source : http://news.analisadaily.com/read/rumah-zakat-beri-bantuan-al-quran-kepada-min-medan-tembung/245702/2016/06/22

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