rz-beri-bantuan-kesehatan-untuk-penderita-thalassemiaCIREBON. On Tueday (10/18) RZ and Cita Sehat provided medical assistance to thalassemia patient in Kejaksan Village, Cirebon. Putri Nur Aisyah, the daughter of Khaerul Anwar and Nani Maryati diagnosed with Thalassemia disease since birth.

5-year-old girl was listless carried by her mother when RZ team and Cita Sehat visited their home in Penamparan RT 01 RW 03 Kebon Benteng Barat, Kesenden subdistrict, Kejaksan District, Kota Cirebon.

“Everyday, our daughter is cheerful but get tired quickly. The doctor said that she is suffering from Thalassemia. Hopefully it can be cured. That’s all my expectations. “Revealed Nani.

Thalassemia is one type of hemolytic anemia and is a hereditary disease autosomal inherited, most often found in Indonesia and Italy, 6 to 10 out of every 100 Indonesian people carry the gene of Thalassemia. If the pair of them were married, it is likely to have children with severe thalassemia with the percentage of 25%, 50% become the nature of thalassemia carrier, and a 25% chance of Thalassemia free.

Khaerul’s Income as an Ojeg rider make his wife, Nani, prioritize the needs of daily meals rather than undergo the operation like a doctor’s advice so putri can recover.

“Thank you very much for your attention and help to us especially for Putri, May Putri can get well soon. “, Said Khaerul.

Newsroom/Nurul Rahayu

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