rz-beri-pendampingan-gmp-untuk-mariah-pengusaha-rempeyekCILEGON.Siti Mariah (45) is one of the inmates of RZ Cilegon branch which has Rempeyek business. She lived in Comp. LBS Citangkil, Cilegon. Mariah, his nickname, already joined as RZ assisted member since 2013 ago. Since joining, Mariah’s husband, Yudha works as a computer technician who relies on orders from other people and the work was done at home.

Mariah has high motivation on her business. She does not always rely on her husband’s income to the family economy. Mariah is a venture that acted as sellers of Rempeyek that she produced. For the first time the business is just trial and error, because at that time the economic needs of the family are very mediocre.

During three years of doing on business as RZ Member besides getting help in the form of capital and business facility, in order to expand its business RZ through the facilitators on Thursday (22/09) provided GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) assistance which aim to Improve the quality of business services to consumer, production assistance and support assistance as labeling, packaging plastic and legality of the business process through the health office so that get products get P-IRT permit, till now her business has been running for a year.

“Thanks to RZ who have helped my business, RZ may also be given the blessing in rolling smoothness and its programs,” said Siti Mariah as the owner of Rempeyek business, the Rempeyek has various of taste such as beans, anchovies, rebon, and spinach. Mariah carry out the production of 2-3 times a week, the turnover of the business in a month is 3.8 million and Rp 2 million THP.


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