RZ LDKO CilegonMEDAN. (25/10). For the third times Karisma collaborated with in the implementation of free mass circumcision for the children who live around PT. Tirta Sibayakindo in Doulu Dalam, Doulu Pasar, Sibayak Gunung and Brastagi.

Karisma is an organization of Moslem employees of PT. Tirta Sibayakindo. In this action, RZ and Karisma had successfully helped 39 needy children to be circumcised.

The action was opened officially by the Human Resource Manager of Aqua, Leo Sitanggang. In addition, there was also briefing session for the beneficiaries delivered by the physician in charge, dr. Syahrir S Htb.

As a special gift, RZ and Karisma also gave allowance, medicines, and a set of Moslem wear. ā€œIā€™d like to thank to RZ and Karisma for the implementation of free mass circumcision. I expect that RZ and PT. Tirta Sibayakindo will be in advance,ā€ Loyina, a mother of one of beneficiary, said.***

Courtesy: www.dnaberita.com

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