RZ BERSAMA RWI TERUS BINA MASYARAKAT DENGAN QURANKUNINGAN. RZ together with RWI (Rumah Wakaf Indonesia) continue to work together to foster the community through the Quran, one of the flagship programs to foster the community is through the village of Quran. In Quran village rolled out Quran Mentoring with Quran ambassador from Rumah Wakaf Indonesia. children included the target the activity.

Ade Rizki Maulana (12) is one of those who follow Quran mentoring in Quran village Kuningan, the child of a married couple Uus and Heni Eti has a special habit after school. his hobby of playing the ball but ideals want to be a hafidz quran. With Family economic limitations, Ade never gives up learning, activity in the morning to go to school in SDN Sukamulya 2 Kuningan, with the distance far enough away and can be reached on foot and when evening came he went to learn Quran with his friends.

Every week, Ade participated in Quran Mentoring with Quran ambassador from Rumah Wakaf Indonesia in the village of Quran. Activities undertaken include: deposit rote (Tahfidz), tahsin (Quran), the practice of prayer and ablution, other than that there is material morality, monotheism and Islamic Those materials are peeled by the ambassadors of waqf.

The mentoring in Quran village aims to prevent crime and reduce the rate of juvenile delinquency at an early age. Al-Ghazali said that if children get used to do good things and given education towards it, for sure it will grow on the kindness and the positive effects it shall be prosperous in the world and the hereafter.

“We say many thanks to RWI, which has been fostering and guiding children in Sukamulya village, hopefully the young generation become more skilled in the work and religion.” Said Iyan Suryana



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