RZ LDKO CilegonTASIKMALAYA.Tarisi is a small village located on private rubber farm. This village is located in the Cipatujah village area with a population consisting of 130 households. In general, the citizens are laborers who obtain the rubber tap in Mr. Ismail farm. Most of them are traders, sewer, farming and animal husbandry.

In this village, the center of religious activity is in RT 23, starting from the jami ‘mosque, madrasah diniyyah to Posyandu. Automatically, the community activities are at RT 23. The distance from RT 23 to RT 24 is not too far away, which is only 500 m. However, if it was taken in detour the distance will be very far away, as far as 3 km.

The obstacles that appear using shortcut way is when rainy days come the road will be muddy.. The residents took the initiative to do the construction and casting the shortcuts way independently. From that initiative, the residents are able to plaster 300 m from 500 m length.

It’s been more than a year, the construction of the road was not continued, until then come to the aid from RZ. “Hopefully this meager aids can be useful for Tarisi residents,” said Nana Cipatujah Inspiring volunteer, when providing assistance.

A week later, residents worked together transporting material for casting. The material transported to a foundry within 300 m of the location. Cheerful smile was plastered on their face who worked together to construct the road.

“On that day they who worked together were mostly mothers and children. They worked together to fulfill their desire to have a better shortcut way. Meanwhile, the fathers worked together on Monday primarily to do the casting, ” Said Nana.

Newsroom/Rico A Yuza

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