RZ BERSAMA ZAKAT FOUNDATION OF AMERICA SALURKAN 400 PAKET SEMBAKOBANDUNG. (06/15) Poverty has always been a problem in every country, particularly in developing countries like Indonesia. There are various factors that lead to increase of poverty. Moreover the holy month of Ramadan the price of basic necessities is soaring led the difficulties to meet the need of disadvantaged communities.

In this Ramadan, RZ cooperate with ZFA (Zakat Foundation of America) is ready to distribute 400 food package for the poor and underprivileged families. It aims to help underprivileged in meeting their basic food needs during Ramadan as well as promoting awareness of donors to the poor or underprivileged families.

Distribution of food packages will be implemented in five Rz’s ICD regions, including ICD Banjarsari Pangalengan, ICD Biru Majalaya, ICD Mekarsari Cimaung, ICD Mekarwangi Lembang dan ICD Neglasari.. All regions are located in Bandung region.

“Today (06/15) inspiring Volunteer in five Rz’s ICD regions, started the move to buy groceries, items purchased, including 15 Kg of Rice, 2LT of Vegetable Oil, 1 kg of sugar, 1 kg of wheat flour, 425 gr Sardiness cans.” Said Abdurrohim, RZ Project Monitoring and Evaluation

Plan of distribution of food packages will be held 2 times, this week at June 16, 2016 and next week.

Newsroom / Abdurrohim

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