RZ BOGOR BERBAGI KECERIAAN DENGAN WARGA TEPLANBOGOR. The distribution of Senyum Ramadhan program is implemented every day by RZ. The program in initiated for presenting happiness among people especially the beneficiaries. In this opportunity, RZ Bogor presented happiness for orphans and the needy in RW. 12 Teplan, Kedung Badak, Friday (11/7).

There were 65 packages of Berbagi Buka Puasa (BBP) distributed there. “We’d like to thank to RZ and donors for the gift,” Ustadz Tahmid, Al-Khairiyah Mosque Head, said.

In addition to the distribution of ifthar, RZ Bogor also invited Ustadz Dadang to deliver Islamic advices. In this opportunity, He said this action prove that Muslims are bother. On the other hand, he explained that sharing is important especially in Ramadhan as a full blessing month.***

Courtesy: www.investasiakhiratku.com

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