RZ LDKO CilegonCILEGON. Sunday (24/8), RZ Cilegon re-implemented regular parenting school program in Komplek PCI Blok DU. This program is a routine coaching and counseling program held for Anak Juara’s parents.

Asep Awaludin Basori, Cilegon RZ Branch Manager, said that it was implemented as a post-Ramadhan kinship agenda. In addition, through this program RZ also attempts to improve parents’ confidence. “We realize that most of them are come from underprivileged family thus we try to motivate them,” he said.

The program was held in one of RZ donor’s house. There were several issues discussed in this program such as children educating problems and the importance of silaturahim.

To enliven the program, RZ provided some door prizes for the talkative participant.***

Newsroom/Asep A Basor

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