RZ LDKO CilegonCIREBON. Wednesday (17/9). Eidul Adha is a feast day for Moslems to implement qurbani. This year, Eidul Adha falls on Oktober 5th, 2014.

To facilitate Moslems in implementing qurbani, RZ provides a program named Superqurban. Alamsyah, Cirebon RZ Branch Manager, said that Superqurban is optimization of qurbani meat into corned. Through Superqurban, qurbani meat can be distributed over the world and every time throughout the year.

To participate and donate in Superqurban program, Cirebon citizens may visit RZ Cirebon Branch Office at Stasiun Kejaksan Street No. 12B Cirebon.

“Only by 1.9 M rupiah for a sheep, 12.8 M rupiah for cow, and 2 M rupiah for retail cow, you can participate in Superqurban program and it also means that you have presented a smile throughout the year,” Alamsyah said.***

Courtesy: www.aboutcirebon.com

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