RZ CIREBON BERSAMA KODIM 0614 CIREBON BERSAMA RAYAKAN HUT RICIREBON. It is customary in our country when entering the month of August, every year is always crowded with boisterous and merry celebration to welcome or enliven the commemoration of the Independence day of Indonesia.

71th commemoration of Indonesia Independence in 2016 was held by RZ together with over 450 Juara Children which was housed on the Command field Military District (Kodim) 0614 Cirebon On Sunday (21/8). Activities are filled with a variety of typical ‘Agustusan’ race and also coupled with a Parenting Class and checking of blood sugar, uric acid level for free.

Event was opened by the Branch Manager of RZ Cirebon, Nuruzzaman Alam and Mr. Mutholib as commander Territory KODIM 0614, marked with Bakiak racing and sack race. Each target area Children’s sent a representative in each race in order to enliven the regular mentoring sessions conducted RZ Cirebon to the beneficiaries of Ceria scholarship.

Juara Children follow the race from sack race, bakiak racing, apply makeup to quiz about the history of Indonesia, they seemed very enthusiastic, as presented by Yusup, coming from Korwil Kalilunyu Harjamukti, even though fell down when following running race, the 8th grade student got up immediately to continue the race to try to win the running race.

Saeful Ammar, the Committee Chairman expressed, “This activity is routinely done by RZ Cirebon every year, besides filling materials and add to the fun of the mentoring at the same event also strengthen the friendship between them. They are very happy to participate in the competition and excited to be the winner ” Said Amar who is also Scholarhip Program Management Officer of RZ Cirebon.

At the end of the event, the commander of KODIM 0614 Lt. Col. Suharna Zunam leave a message to children that they should continue to discipline themselves that later became a powerful personal and appreciate the sacrifice or struggle, especially RZ’s foster children that among them are orphans and come from poor families, besides you should be diligent they must also learn to appreciate the efforts of parents who have been given to them.

Newsroom / Saeful Amar

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