RZ CIREBON LAKUKAN PEMBINAAN KEBERSIHAN UNTUK ANAK-ANAK JUARACIREBON. RZ Cirebon conducted a hygiene coaching for children beneficiaries of Beasiswa Juara in early 2017. The mentor facilitator provided a variety of activities for Anak Juara.

The activity began with the material on brushing teeth properly and distribution of pamphlets of brushing teeth properly. Not only provided materials about brushing teeth, Anak Juara were also given materials on how to wash their hands with soap before children were invited to make a decorative bread snack.

After receiving the material on hygiene, children were divided into 6 groups. Children per group must practice what has been conveyed directly by mentor about hand washing with soap.

When making a snack, children looked very enthusiastic. Children were given bread, chocolate Ceres, liquid milk and condensed milk. Each group had to decorate the bread as attractive as possible with due respect to cleanliness and the compactness of groups.

During these activities, even though it was very simple but they were very pleased to enjoy homemade bread together with other friends.

After the meal, the mentor also urges children that cleanliness is started from them self and what they intake must be clean and healthy.

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