RZ LDKO CilegonBREBES. To alleviate the number of malnourished children in Indonesia, RZ initiates a program named Nutrition Awareness for Toddler (Siaga Gizi Balita) in one of malnourished prone areas, Kubangsari Village, Ketanggungan, Brebes . SGB is provided for toddlers who are categorized as Under the Red Line toddler. It focuses on the improvement of their growth and development.

3 toddlers are accompanied by an Inspiration Volunteer of RZ, Mizan, since October, 2014 here. “The implementation of Siaga Gizi Balita shows the positive result. They have successfully increased their weight,” Mizan said.

He claimed that weight improvement is an indicator of program implementation success. To accompany malnourished growth improvement, Mizan distributed several nutritious foods and drink for the beneficiaries every month such as nutritious milk, green bean porridge, fruits, and vegetables.

In addition to nutritious foods and drinks distribution, He also educated the parents to concern about their children growth. “I expect that in the end of the year they can supervise their children independently,” Mizan said.***

Newsroom/Diki Taufik

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