RZ DAN CITA SEHAT FOUNDATION WUJUDKAN INDONESIA BEBAS MALARIASURABAYA. (04/25) Malaria is a disease that must be noted and prevented because it is a disease that has pretty much the number of sufferers in the world and is no exception with Indonesia. In Indonesia, according to the survey of Ministry of Health that has been conducted most malaria patient is in the province of Papua. So every April 25 is celebrated as World Malaria Day to realize that once malaria is dangerous if it not prevented by carefully and properly.

In commemoration malaria day on 25 April 2016, Cita Sehat Foundation (CSF) along with RZ Surabaya held a long march together with students of SD Juara Surabaya.

In this activity, students of SD Juara Surabaya carried out actions ranging from how to use emergency aid properly, mosquito poster contest, there were also various creation of doctor costume and mosquitoes costume according to children’s creativity.

Besides commemorating the World Malaria Day, CSF Surabaya distributed stickers to citizens about malaria alert. The event took place at 7:00 a.m.-09:00 pm and CSF Surabaya also expresses appreciation to students of SD Juara Surabaya who wore the best costume.

“This event took place very smoothly and royally, it was great to see the students of SD Juara Surabaya excited in the commemoration of World Malaria Day, I hope with this event can educate students,” said Zirzi, Health Care Officer of CSF Surabaya.

Newsroom / Zirzi

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