rz-dan-cita-sehat-suport-kegiatan-hp4gCIREBON. RZ through Cita Sehat supported HP4G (Tree Day and Go Green Movement Genbi) activity that was held in Suranenggala Lor village Cirebon on Saturday (12/10). The event was held by the children recipients of Bank Indonesia scholarship or known as Genbi (New Generation of Indonesia).

The activity carried out in the form of social service, along with tree planting and health services. On the occasion Cita Sehat provided health care services, including measurement of height and weight, blood pressure checks, measurements of body mass index (BMI), and blood sugar checks.

“This event is a gateway for Cita Sehat Cirebon to make other programs in synergy with other agencies” said Lisa, Public Health of Cita Sehat Cirebon.

He also said that in the future Cita Sehat will be carried out a series of activities in cooperation with government agencies, namely with Cirebon City Government which the peak event will be held on 21 December.

Newsroom/Nurul Rahayu

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