rz-dan-shafira-cororation-teken-mou-pengelolaan-zakatBANDUNG. RZ and Shafira Corporation agreed to cooperate related to the management of Zakah. The agreement realized by signing the memorandum of understanding (MoU) that was held in Shafira Corporation’s office located at Jl Rumah Sakit No. 139, Bandung, West Java, on Friday (09/09). The cooperation is carried out in order to maximize the potential of Shafira Corporation’ Zakah for community empowerment through RZ.

For Shafira Corporation, one of the goals of this cooperation is to increase the potential zakah from their company, in the future, it is expected to provide usefulness and also empower communities through Zakat potential from Shafira Corporation.

“Hopefully, this cooperation establishs relationship between us and also can optimize the empowerment to the community so that they can get benefits. We chose RZ as zakat management institutions for RZ is a trusted zakah institution” Said Commissioner, Feny Mustafa. “This cooperation is also a community empowerment for Shafira Corporation.” She continued.

Meanwhile, Chief Operating Officer RZ, Herry Hermawan expressed gratitude for the opportunity given by Shafira Corporation, for the mandate to manage Shafira Corporation’s Zakah funds. Through this cooperation, it can collaborate in building community empowerment through Zakat potential of Shafira Corporation.

“Thank you for the trust given to RZ in zakat management. Your hope will be realized with our best effort in which turning mustahik to be muzzaki, may Allah bless our efforts. “Said Herry


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