RZ Koordinasi Head of Program Management RZ dengan tim SAR2 - CopyPANGKALAN BUN. Tuesday (7/1), some volunteers of RZ set an aid post which provides massage and laundry service for Search and Rescue Joint Team and a soup kitchen in Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan.

In addition, RZ also sent several ambulances to support the evacuation process of Air Asia QZ8501 victims. “In addition to pay attention on the victims and their family, RZ also tries to support and help the volunteers. They have worked nonstop for 11 days. Therefore, we have to pay our attention to them too,” Ahmad Faizs, Program Management Head of RZ, said.

Previously, RZ, Indosat, and PGN had sent 4 ambulances, 1 Mobile Clinic, 1 Health Van, and several volunteers to help the evacuation process in Juanda Airport, Surabaya.

National Search and Rescue Department claimed that currently the volunteers have successfully evacuated 40 bodies from 167 recorded victims. ***

Newsroom/Sari A Rahmawati

Pangkalan Bun

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