RZ GELAR BUKA BERSAMA 120 ANAK NEGERI MALANG. RZ Malang re-implemented ifthar jama’i with Indonesian children on Wednesday (9/7). This action was held in Malang Downtown and attended by students of Griya Baca, Malang.

Rudeq Mochammad, RZ Malang Micro Business Officer, said that this action is the fourth ifthar jama’i which has been held during Ramadhan. “This is our fourth action; we had implemented this action in Nikmatul Iman Orphanage, Kampung Jodipan, and Al Amin Mosque Karang Besuki before. We plan to implement this action 10 times during the Ramadhan,” he said.

This action was begun in 4 p.m. and it was attended by 120 children accompanied by their parents. There were several activities provided by RZ such as unique games and Islamic advices before breaking the fast.

In this opportunity, RZ prepared 150 packages of BBP. Mochammad claims that this package is provided not only for children but it also provided for the needy.***

Courtesy: Malang Ekspress

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