rz-gelar-gebyar-muharram-bersama-500-anak-indonesiaJAKARTA.Muharram is a blessed month, especially for orphans and underprivileged children. As an event to share the happiness and affection to orphans and underprivileged in the month of Muharram, RZ held Gebyar Muharram under the theme “Sharing Happiness, Build Creativity with 500 Indonesian Children” on Saturday (22/10). Not only as a place to build creativity, the event held in the Auditorium of Ragunan Zoo also provided the opportunity to orphans to traveled around Ragunan zoo area.

The event is organized densely, ranging from elementary school carnival from SD Juara Jakarta Selatan, SD Juara Jakut, SD Juara JakBar, Juara JakTim and RZ foster children ‘anak juara’. Carnival parades are filled by children and Marching Band performance from students of SD Juara Juara JakTim helped attract the enthusiasm of local people who visited Ragunan. Meanwhile, no less intense, performance art performed by other children who helped enliven the event, such as marawis from SD SD Juara JakBar, Modern Dance Go Green from SD Juara Jaksel, Percussion from SD Juara Jakarta utara, Tambourine, Hadro Vocal Group, kun Anta Dance and Hadroh from SPMO Jakarta, as well as Pildacil from Zakia Apriliani.

“Alhamdulillah Muharram Gebyar has been held today. Various creativity and talents of Anak Juara and students are able to provide the best performance. There are still many other creative and innovative talents which are increasingly will continue to excel” Said Ms. Yana chairman of the committee and RZ Branch Manager.

Besides received remark from Heny Widiastuti, RZ’s Chief Program Officer, this event also received appreciation from RZ Partners, namely Adira Insurance Syariah providing benefits and health insurance for the 3000 Anak Juara and Juara Students.

“I am happy to be able to come to Gebyar Muharram, I can see the performance of Anak Juara and can handover directly symbolic of 3000 Health Insurance for Juara Student and Anak Juara,” said Andry Kurniawan as the representative of Adira Insurance Syariah.

The event ended with donations and photo session with anak Juara. Their wide smile welcomed this Hijriah New Year, May this is become our good deed to continue sharing, ie, sharing happiness with 500 children in Indonesia.
“We would like to thank the RZ donators, especially Majelis Taklim Telkomsel (MTT), PT. Jemla Ferry, Owl and Foxes, PT. Lintas Semesta, Adira Insurance Syariah, House Of Valisha, PIQ IKPT dan PT. Paragon for the participation and trust to RZ, so we can accomplished Muharram Gebyar this event successfully, smoothly and can bring happiness to 500 orphan and underprivileged children’ Said Yana.

Newsroom/Yadi Mulyadi

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