RZ LDKO CilegonBANDUNG. (9/7). To create a clean, healthy, and empower citizens especially in Lingkar Selatan ICD, Bandung, RZ and ICD Facilitator initiated a preservation environmental program named Waste Bank. Through this progra RZ and ICD Facilitator invited local citizens to participate in managing household waste by sorting organic and inorganic waste.

Dani Suhardi, ICD Facilitator of Lingkar Selatan, said that sorting process implemented by local citizens aims to ease waste management. Organic waste will be produced as compost and inorganic waste will be collected to be recycled into various valuable product.

Through the better management of waste, the members of waste bank are expected to earn additional income from the products made by utilizing waste.

“In addition to civilize clean and healthy lifestyle toward people, this program also can empower them because we can obtain income from waste if we can manage and process it into valuable things,” Suhardi added.

Suhardi claimed that the general aims of the program are to raise public awareness of environmental cleanliness, to give environmental management understanding, and empower the local citizens through creative economy.

Newsroom/Priyanka Permata

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