RZ HADIRI GEBYAR PAUD INSAN AULIA 2016JAKARTA. . Children Potential should be honed and shaped to create the best ability in children. Education is one potential solution to improve early age children, because in the Golden Age, the child grow and developed quite rapidly. Ability to grow is the ability of thinking, emotion and socialization.

The existence of Insan Aulia early childhood school (PAUD), as a place to play become an OASIS in the middle of the desert. As a place to socialize, learn, play and develop their potential. For the management of early childhood institutions should be done professionally with character.

Therefore, PAUD Insan Aulia conducted Gebyar PAUD with the theme “Creating Islamic Generations”, the event carried out at Jl. Pancoran Buntu II, Rt. 06, Rw. 02, Pancoran, Jakarta Selatan pada Rabu (01/06), South Jakarta on Wednesday (01/06). The themes rose in order to provide insight to the government, private sector and parents of the importance of synergy with each other, to realize a generation who has a certain commendable. This activity was followed by a staff of teachers, parents, 39 students of PAUD Insan Aulia, as well as invited guests, including representatives of RZ.

Gebyar PAUD began at 08.30 pm preceded by Indonesia Raya song delivered by the students, and also speeches from Mr. Mohammed Arafat as Pancoran village secretary and Mr. Jilani as the representative of RZ. “Hopefully, this institution (RZ) can be more trustworthy and professional in its distribution.” said Mr. Jilani.

“Thanks to Pancoran district and RZ which has helped the development of PAUD Insan Aulia, I just have a dream, Alhamdulillah RZ has helped the development and growth of PAUD Insan Aulia.” said Pak Edi Santoso, the supervisor of ECD Insan Aulia.

After the speeches, the event continued with dance performances from students, such as Bungong Jeumpa dance, Surga Di bawah Telapak Kaki Ibu dance and Yaa Tayyiba dance.

Students looked very cheerful and confident displays performed the dances. The parents were very proud and happy with the art performance show organized by PAUD Insan Aulia.

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