RZ JayapuraJAYAPURA. The participants of parenting school seemed to be happy when they participated in parenting school program which was held by RZ in Al-Istoqomah APO Bengkel , Jayapura, on Sunday (1/6). This regular program was different from others because RZ Jayapura invited national class trainers namely Yugo Widya and Bimansyah. They are trainers which focus on education, kid’s education, and parents’ issues.

There were many expressions showed by the participants. Some of them seemed to be exited, serious, curious, and sad when they were listening to the material delivered by the speakers. There 35 adults and 26 children who joined the training.

In the session, trainers have 5 points needed to be delivered namely exemplary, habituation, care, advice, and punishment. However, they could only deliver a point because of the time limitation. In this chance they chose to deliver exemplary point. The point was explained in detail. Thus, all participants could understand well about the material.

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