RZ LDKO CilegonJAKARTA. In order to facilitate Moslems in implementing qurbani, Lottemart provides qurbani payment facility spread in 13 retail stores in Indonesia. To optimize the program, Lottemart collaborates with RZ through Superqurban. Superqurban is optimization of qurbani meat into corned that could last until 3 years.

“Hopefully, we can help Moslem to implement qurbani via Superqurban that can be paid in Lottemart cashiers. We choose Superqurban because it can be a solution of extreme hunger in Indonesia or even in the world. Superqurban has many benefits and one of them is it can be distributed anywhere and anytime,” Yudi Ng, Senior Marketing Manager of Lottemart, said.

Yudi said that qurbani payment in Lottemart can be implemented until September 26th, 2015. The collected qurbani fund will be directly distributed to RZ. “Slaughtering process of qurbani animals will implemented during Eidul Adha and tasyreek days,” Nur Efendi, RZ CEO, said.

According to Efendi, Superqurban has been established since 2000. For 14 years RZ has successfully distributed more than 3 million cans of Superqurban corned.***

Source : http://berita2bahasa.com/mb2b/berita/01/31399-lotte-mart-gandeng-rumah-zakat-layani-superqurban-idul-adha

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