RZ KEMBALI HADIRKAN MOBILE CLINIC UNTUK KORBAN SINABUNG . Wednesday (25/05) RZ conducted medical examinations for Mount Sinabung refuges. This time RZ team carried out medical examination in two refugee post.

The first location is GPDI Ndokom Siroga Post involved 160 families or 567 people.

The refuges in the post have been nearly a year fled from their villages because of conditions of their area is unlivable. Second location is Gudang Jeruk Surbakti post , the refuges in this post come from Jerayah as many as 192 families or 672 people.

People in this post are almost evacuated for one year because Jerayah distance to mount Sinabung is close enough that is 6 km. In addition to health checks, especially RZ volunteer team also conducted
trauma healing to children in the Post.

The refuges is living their life as usual, the elderly continue to work in the fields and children still go to school .

After the action, the team went to Gajah village to distribute flyers and mask because the village’s already covered with thick volcanic dust but people remain living there. Facial expressions people who receive a mask really satisfying because they look so happy and enthusiast accept and wear the mask.

“It’s great there a team who provide masks here, because we need masks “said one of the residents in Gajah village.

Newsroom/Budi Syahputra

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