JpegTANGERANG. (04/29). Volunteers of RZ Padang re-implement the Disaster Preparedness Regular Program for Student (PSB) together with school partner which SMA Pembangunan Laboratorium Universitas Negeri Padang. A total of 31students of SMA Pembangunan looked very enthusiastic to join First Aid materials about “Limbs Injury (Frame, Motion Systems & Bone)” were submitted by students from KSR-PMI UNP.

First Aid (PP) aims to make the person’s condition becomes stable, reduce pain, discomfort and anxiety, prevent sufferers from disabilities and prevent death.
Arif Budiman said, “First Aid is the provision of urgent assistance to people with illness / injury / accidents that require medical treatment base.”

Apart from that, Volunteer Coordinator of RZ Padang, Padri Akbar also gave an explanation to the students First Aid Box containing supporting equipment such as bandages, mitela, iodine, oxygen, gauze, antiseptic, splints, cotton, and others.

After completion of material provision from KSR-PMI, The students are required directly practicing First Aid on a broken bone accident.

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