RZ LDKO CilegonPONTIANAK. Thursday (22/1), RZ distributed 225 kilograms of rice, 12 cartons of instant noodle, 15 cartons of mineral water, 402 cans of Superqurban, and 62 bottles of vitamin in Lesabela Village. Lesabela is a village located in Ledo District, Bengkayang, West Kalimantan.

There are 4 villages in Ledo which is hit by flood in Ledo namely Lesabela, Jesape, Serangkat and Dayung. However, the aid is centralized in Lesabela since the access to the other villages is cutting off.

There are 280 families which live in Lesabela. However, they choose to stay at their home and save their wealth. The volunteer of RZ said that only 8 families that choose to flee to the disaster post.

Until last night, Hassa, the coordinator of volunteer, said the height of flood is still 1.5 meters. “We appeal all victims to stay safety and health. Protect yourself first and then children and women. We hope that it would end as soon as possible,” he said. ***

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