DSC_0378BANDUNG. The humanitarian assistance for Gaza continued to be distributed from all parties. One of them is RZ (Rumah Zakat) that has distributed foods and medicines for Palestinian.

Nur Efendi, RZ CEO, said that this assistance was the first phase of assistance distributed by RZ. He claimed that it was the Indonesian donation collected during the Ramadhan. “Alhamdulillah, RZ Volunteer team has successfully distributed assistance for our brother in Gaza. We will soon send the next phase assistance because they really need it. It is said that there are 1.290 died victims, 7.600 injuries people, and 2.100 orphans in Gaza,” Efendi said, Thursday (31/7).

In addition to foods and medicines, RZ also collects scholarship assistance for orphans in Palestine through a program named “Kembalikan Senyum Anak Palestina”. This program is provided for achievement orphans in order to make them professional in a field and it is presented in all level of education.

“Israel modern colonialism doesn’t only take people’s life but it also destroys Palestinian economy. Thus, RZ will try hard to save Palestine next generation. In 2012, RZ had distributed food, economic assistance, and re-constructed mosques. This time, RZ try to provide education scholarship for Palestinian in order to help them save their land,” Efendi said.

RZ aims to help them as many as possible based on the amount of donation collected. “We’ll see people support regarding to this program. More donations more children will be assisted to study,” Heni Widiastuti, RZ Chief Program Officer, said.

The mechanism of the deliverance of scholarship is distributed in Palestine for elementary to high school level. On the other hand, when they reach college level, RZ will register them to the universities in Indonesia.***

Courtesy: www.dakwatuna.com

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