Rumah Zakat (RZ) Aceh branch held a regular development activity for orphans at district Bireueun. This activity was held in one of Meunasah (a place to learn about islam for aceh citizen) which is located in jangka sub district.
This activity was held on November 29 2015 which held from 02.Pm until 16 Pm. 50 orphans and the guardians attended this event.
On this occasion the speaker is one of the representatives of RZ, Mr. Muharrahman as a Project Coordinator of RZ Aceh who is handle an assistance for orphans which is in cooperated with Islamic cooperation organization or OKI (organisasi kerjasama islam)
The event is began with some questions from guardians and from Imeum Chik in the meunasah, which is Ustadz Fauzan, in general they asked about where is the assistance coming from and what the mission are for the future. Those are fair questions from the citizen of the area because there is a widespread of faith vandalism on that area.
After that questions, the representative of RZ Aceh, Muharrahman who is responsible for orphans kafalah program starting to explained about Rumah Zakat, what the vision and mission are, and what should be done in orphans kafalah program and explained the detail about the source of the fund which is given to the orphans at Bireuen district. All of the guardiams and Imeum Chik that attended are understand and satisfied with the explanation.
Futher, after the explanation, the orphans was given knowledge about islam. Especially about Sholat (Praying). The importance of sholat form child in order to from the behavior of sholat of the orphans, and then support from their guardians is also very important so that they can do sholat in continuity.
On this event guardians is pressed to support a program held by RZ, so that RZ vision and mission in orphans kafalah program will go well as expected, because without the support of their guardians the program will not go perfectly. ***
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