RZ LAKSANAKAN PENYALURAN PERDANA KADO LEBARAN YATIM (KLY) DI MEDANMEDAN. In order to fill a glorious month of Ramadan by helping and spreading smiles to others on the 4th day of Ramadan 1437, on Thursday (09/06) RZ Medan distributed Eid Gift for Orphans (KLY) early stages as many as 25 packages to students of SD Juara Medan at Jl. Sei Bekala No. 2 Babura sub-district Medan Baru District.

KLY program includes in Smiles Ramadan program “Happy for All” that campaigned by RZ. This program includes channeling Eid Gift for orphans (KLY), Iftar Package (BPP), Eid Gift for the needy (BLK) and the Syiar Quran (SQ) which will be distributed from RZ branches throughout Indonesia.

Principal of SD Juara Medan met in the sidelines of the distribution expressed his happiness on this distribution. “We are happy to see the students so cheerful and happy to receive gifts from donors. Hopefully this is a blessing for all. Thank you donators and RZ hopefully more firmly into the largest LAZ in Indonesia. “Said Principal of SD Juara Medan, Sahidan Gayo

Meanwhile RZ Branch Manager, Budi Syahputra represented by RZ Medan Scholarship Management Siti Balkis said that the packages are a form of love from RZ donators.

“Alhamdulillah, all of these are forms of love RZ generous donators to the orphans and the needy in SD Juara Medan and other schools. With this distribution, we pray may God give the best reply to all donators. “Said Siti Balkis who had served 10 years in RZ

Jasir Muzakki, the orphan from first grade who got the package with the distinctive sound of children convey his excitement ” I am Happy, happy, received a gift from Mr. / Ms donators, may God give abundance reward to donators”. She said with a shy smile.

RZ Medan this year aims to collect 1,000 Eid Gift for orphans (KLY) from individual donator, communities and companies. Donation for this package is only Rp 310.000, -.

Source : http://kabarjuaramedan.blogspot.co.id/2016/06/rz-laksanakan-penyaluran-perdana-kado.html

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