RZ LAUNCHING KAMPUNG BINAAN BARU DI KARAWANG KARAWANG. RZ is consistent implementing empowerment activities for the community in various aspects. One of the efforts is to form a assisted village which then its local potential will be explored and developed by RZ inspiring volunteer.

RZ inspiring Volunteers are implementing empowerment programs in the fields of economy, education, health and the environment in RZ assisted village and make the village as a pilot village.

In connection with this, on Tuesday (03/05), Alhamdulilah DKM Al Haqqul Mubiin assisted village has been launched by RZ Inspiring Volunteer.

The event was held in Pakuncen hamlet, Sukaharja village, Karawang and was attended by the board of DKM Al Haqqul Mubin, Mr. Syaefudin Maarif, the village headman Sukaharja Mr.Kartiwa Ujang and his staff as well as from RZ represented by Mrs. Henny as RZ Chief Program Officer.

The launching ceremony was marked by cutting tumpeng by Mr. Syaefudin as caretaker of DKM Al Haqqul Mubiin.

“After the inauguration, the participants are invited to visit catfish ponds as one of the development activities in DKM Al Haqqul Mubiin assisted village.

Other activities were carried out during the launcing are free health service and distribution of free food to residents of Pakuncen hamlet, Sukaharja Village, Karawang, “said Maskur.

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