RZ PERKUAT INOVASI LAYANAN ZAKATJAKARTA. RZ and Go-Tix, a service of Go-Jek application, establishes a cooperation to share in the holy month of Ramadan in alleviating poverty by utilize online applications is increasingly rampant in the telecommunications era like today.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of RZ, Nur Effendi said that, besides cooperating with Go-Tix, RZ also working with e-commerce as Tokopedia for ease of sharing and donating.

Project Lead Go-Tix, Rama Adrian revealed that his party is pleased with the cooperation with RZ.

“We are pleased with the innovation of RZ. Enthusiastic of Go-Jek users are very high this two days. “Rama said in a press conference of Sharing Happines at Sarinah, Central Jakarta, Thursday (09/06).

Rama added, if Go-Jek user want to donate, can use others services.

“To donate, Go-Jek users can access Go-Box or Go-Send applications. From both of these services will be routed directly to RZ. “Said Rama.

Source: http://www.republika.co.id/berita/ramadhan/silaturahim/16/06/10/o8jvc0313-rz-perkuat-inovasi-layanan-zakat

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