RZ RESMIKAN GEDUNG BARU SD JUARA BANDUNGREPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BANDUNG Rumah Zakat (RZ) inaugurated a new building for SD Juara Students in Jalan Terusan Penyileukan, Thursday (08/25). This building is the result of donations from donators and partners.

Previously for 9 years, the school educates 145 students who come from poor families in 300 square meters building belong to DKM Al-Huda Mosque in Jalan Sukarajin, Bandung.

“With spacious and more comfortable building, it is expected to support the activities of the students,” said RZ’s Chief Program Officer, Heny Widiastuti, told reporters on Thursday (08/25).

Moreover, she said, SD Juara has a lot of outdoor activities such as Scouts, martial arts, archery club, stage kabisa conducted every Friday, fostering partnerships and keputrian in every Friday, morning gymnastics and others.

“All these activities aim to explore the potential of students maximally” he said.

SD Juara Bandung, she said, is the first Juara Schools owned by RZ. Since established in 2007, SD Juara has demonstrated its capacity as a school that is not only free, but also has good quality through the concept of multiple intelligence, all potential of students is valued and used as the power in the learning process.

“Basically, all the children have certain potential in their respective fields,” she said.

Therefore, she said, Juara School is designed to find and develop the potential of every student. Thus, the title of Juara (champion) not only carried by a smart kid academically, but by all students.

Until 2016, she said, SD Juara Bandung has won many titles in various fields, both academic and non-academic. A total of 170 trophies from various competitions starting from municipal, provincial and national lined up neatly in Principal’s room.

“Alhamdulillah, the last month, April 2016, SD Juara’s students won 1st place in National Pencak Silat competition organized by Minister for Youth and Sports Affairs of Indonesia,” he said.

In addition, he said, the school managed to get National Adiwiyata award 2015 from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

source: http://khazanah.republika.co.id/berita/dunia-islam/wakaf/16/08/25/ocglze313-rz-resmikan-gedung-baru-sd-juara-bandung

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