rz-salurakan-bantuan-untuk-usaha-pak-asariCILEGON. Probably not many people think establishing a business is not only for personal benefit but also help other as well. In contrast to Asari (40), by making a spurious effort he is not only make a living for his wife and his four children, but also hopes to help people in the vicinity. Asari is committed to providing a living from lawful sustenance for his family, he also wants to help reduce the number of unemployed in the region.

Even though his business is still running simple Asari unyielding, with tenacity and perseverance Asari always tries to make his own products. Now, the business is undertaken by Asari namely snack dumplings, cystic, and roasted peanuts. In the course of his business experienced ups and downs, sometimes he got profit and loss sometimes. “Sometimes I suffered losses because many are unsold. But sometimes I also get profit “, explained Asari. He believes that his sustenance has been set by Allah, and then he is always spirit of trying every day.

One effort to support the continuity of Asari’s business is the availability of capital and food processing equipment. With the means of production such as sealer, cystic cutting machines and gas stoves, expected he can improve product quality and also increase the amount of production.

Alhamdulillah on Wednesday (11/16) RZ Inspiring volunteer leave the mandate in the form of Venture Capital Assistance channeled at Asari residence in Link Ketileng Bulakan district, Cilegon. The assistance provided by donators who want to help develop Asari’s business through a joint fund in sharinghappiness.org.

“This grant is extremely helpful to my business development. This additional capital will be used to increase production of the cystic business and dumplings, hopefully sales increase and blessed. Thanks donator. “He said.

Newsroom/Nur Shyfa

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