RZ SALURKAN 300 KORNET SUPERQURBAN BERSAMA MT TELKOMSELBANTEN. A few days ago RZ Cilegon has distributed 700 cans of Superqurban corned to victims of floods and landslides disaster in Anyer. Yesterday, (Tuesday,08/02) RZ Cilegon channeled back 300 cans of Superqurban corned to disaster victims in Cilurah village Sukanagara subdistrict Carita district Pandeglang regency, Banten.

The distribution of Superqurban corned in Carita held in the same time with social service activity organized by Mother Union of RZ Cilegon with PT Indonesia Power 2 UJP Labuan Banten.

“We hope our meeting with you not only at this time, hopefully in the future we can come here again so that the friendship still exists, but under other conditions (red: not in a state of contact with the disaster),” said Humaedi, Coordinator of the action.

While Halimah (30) one of the residents expressed her gratitude to the RZ on the provision of corned superqurban. “Thank you very much to the donators for giving us SuperQurban corned “. She said.

SuperQurban is one RZ’s product innovation in the optimization program in implementation qurbani worship by processing qurbani’s meat to become corned. Corned product could last until 3 years thus it can be distributed along year including the place that is affected by disaster in Banten.

Source: http://www.rz-cilegonnews.xyz/2016/08/rz-salurkan-300-kornet-superqurban-mt.html

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