RZ Ayo kita bikin perahu kertas.. AksiRelawan bermain bersama siswa SDN 1 Saunek, ajarkan origamiJAKARTA. RZ distributed 60.000 Superqurban corned packages in Buton, Obi, and Raja Ampat Islands Sail Raja Ampat Bhakesra Expedition 2014. In addition, RZ also distributed 500 packages of Syiar Qur’an, 2.318 Muslim wears, and 600 Sajadah.

To contribute more, RZ also sent 13 volunteers which are consisted of health team, field team, and documentation team. “Alhamdulillah, RZ is still entrusted to participate in Coordinating Ministry for People’s Welfare’s program which aims outermost Indonesian people’s welfare,” Syamsinar, RZ volunteer, said on Friday (20/6).

In every island that was visited by Bhakesra Expedition team, RZ volunteer always tried to share happiness with local children by visiting a school. One of elementary students from SDN 1 Saunek, Raja Ampat, West Papua, said that she was really happy by the RZ visit. “Thanks to RZ for Superqurban corned and games,” she said.

The distribution which was implemented by RZ in Bhakesra Expedition could not be separated from RZ’s donors’ contribution and donation. “We will always try to keep donors’ trust,” Nur Efendi, RZ CEO, said.

Superqurban is an optimizing of qurbani based on sharia by processing qurbani’s meat to become corned. It is the answer of the distribution of Qurbani meat in the remote areas over Indonesia.***

Newsroom/Sari A Rahmawati

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