RZ LDKO CilegonCIKARANG.In order to run the program presented by Donators of Rumah Zakat (RZ) for the community, RZ volunteers distributed again food packages in Kertarahayu hamlet Srengseng village 04 Karawang on Saturday (19/12).

This time RZ distributed 600 food packages to the poor, such as 5 Kg of rice, 2 Lt Oil, 2 kg sugar, milk, and flour which are all donations from regular donators of Rumah Zakat.

The activity also involves volunteers from several branches such as West Jakarta, Bandung and Cikarang, also attended by staff from RZ quarter that had come to ensure process of distribution directly, as well as some Official staff who was participated to keep the line and supervise the distribution of food packages to residents.

“We are very grateful to Rumah Zakat which has been willing to share with needy villagers here, and hope in the future the help like this can come again, in order to slightly reduce the burden of the poor” said Uswandi, Kertarahayu Village Head to publikjurnalistik.

He also added that he was touched by the distribution of this aid, and hope in the future quota for the beneficiaries will be added a little more, because he thinks there are still many people who need a helping hand.

“Hopefully with this program, the rich people around here can open their hearts to come here to share with others,” he said hopefully.

Indeed Karawang city which are familiar with West Java’s rice barn, it still keeps the sadness of its citizens who are still disadvantaged in terms of food, hopefully someday Karawang people can feel self-sufficiency so that no more people become farm laborers in their own communities.

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