rz-salurkan-bantuan-ekonomi-di-aceh-utaraPANTON LABU. RZ Aceh deployed team to the border area with the North Aceh and east Aceh to channel Economic assistance that has been entrusted by donors to RZ to be distributed to M. Gadee. On Saturday (09/17) RZ team went to Meunasah Blang Langkahan District, approximately 20 kilometers from Panton Labu.

When RZ team reached the destination, M. Gadee immediately smiled broadly as he greeted RZ team. M. Gadee’s house is not appropriate to be a place to stayed, but he and five other people (wife and his children) still stay in the house,. Rembia roofed house, the ground floor, walls made of rembia midrib has rotted completely and without electricity.

After delivering assistance to M.Gadee, he looked grateful and happy. His wife who just gave birth 28-days ago is also happy, thank you many times, he said.

“Thanks RZ, the assistance is very beneficial for my family. Hopefully RZ is always success.” Said M. Gadee moved

Panton Labu

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