Jpeg ACEH. (09/17) Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) in 2007 the number of poor people recorded 37.2 Million People. About 63.4% of whom are in rural areas with the main livelihood in the agricultural sector. Poverty in rural areas is the central issue of national mitigation that cannot be delayed and should be a top priority in the implementation of social welfare development.

One of RZ effort in eradicating poverty is to provide economic assistance to beneficiaries, especially in the countryside.

Muhammad Gede, 33-year-old man got economic help from RZ. By the time Facilitator met him, he is in very poor condition with the condition of the house made of wooden booths and located at edge of river. In addition, he is the backbone of his family, his wife has given birth a month ago. Besides, his mental condition is still very unstable, he had just returned home from the Mental Hospital.

Economic assistance channeled directly to beneficiary at his home, at Ikan Panton Labu, Meunsah Blang village, North Aceh. The plan assistance received will be used as working capital to meet their daily lives.

“Thank you very much Rumah Zakat and donators.” Says M. Gede.

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