rz-salurkan-bantuan-kesehatan-untuk-afanTENGERANG. RZ Tangerang distributed medical assistance for residents in Tangerang. This time the assistance was given to Aufan, 3-year-old boy infected with Typhoid. The assistance was given on Saturday (09/03).

Aufan is the second child of Mr. Sony Roy. When Aufan was three years old, one day in the month of Ramadan Aufan suddenly got afever every afternoon until night and it happened for 4 days in a row.
Because at that time was the season of dengue they finally took Aufan to be checked to the doctor, and after conducting blood check luckily the result is negative but apparently Aufan suffered for typhoid infection. The disease is almost the same with typhus, but milder.

Thankfully though the administration cost not been settled, Aufa who has recovered allowed to go home. Because at that time their BPJS was not active then they are forced to pay the medical expenses. As for the assistance RZ provided used to pay medical bills and buy medicine in the future.

“Thank you very much to the donors for the help so that I could finally pay off the cost of treatment. Hopefully donators and RZ always successful ” Said Mr. Sony (35), Aufan’s father.


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