RZ SALURKAN BANTUAN KESEHATAN UNTUK ANAK PENDERITA JANTUNG BOCORCIAMIS. (05/26) (26/05) Sofa is one of the daughters of EeP Saeful Yamin and Detty, she lives in Bangsal hamlet RT 006/003 Darmaraja village, Lumbung district Ciamis regency. Eep, Sofa’s father only works as a temporary teacher in a private school, which was included in low economic level. So Sofa’s parent is experiencing difficulties in meeting medical expenses.

Sofa Schedule for 2nd phase checkup this month is on May 26, 2016. Based on the examination in Hasan Sadikin Hospital by Dr. Sri Endah, Sofa referred to the clinic where she performs her practice which is in front of the pharmacy Lengkong Unpas Jl. Lengkong Besar, so that the examination can be more intensive. For 2nd phase checkup, RZ Inspiring Volunteer accompanies Sofa for check-up for 6 months prior to surgery.

Alhamdulillah result there are positive developments, her weight is gain, and she rarely cry which had always cried, and the examination this time doctors do not prescribe medications, as her conditions is healthy, Dr. Sri suggested for this month sofa should take immunization to a doctor who is an expert, because patient with Atrial Septal Defect must be under the supervision of the experts.

“Alhamdulillah RZ is very helpful and allow us to cure our daughter who suffers Atrial Septal Defect , which for a while should check up to Hasan Sadikin Bandung every month for 6 times prior to surgery. Hopefully RZ is a means to facilitate the healing of our daughter, which would be calculated if we have to spend a nominal amount of money very much. Thanks to RZ, may this help become become good deeds for averyone. Amiiin, ” said Detty, Sofa’s mother.


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