RZ SALURKAN BANTUAN SEMBAKO UNTUK WARGA CIMAHICIMAHI. RZ consistently make the effort to even distribution of welfare by channeling donations to the beneficiaries. With the action it is expected that the level of social welfare can improve and empower towards a better development.

In this case, RZ Branch Cimahi channeled donation from one RZ donator in the form of basic food necessities for needy people, the Elderly, and the Pre-Welfare. The grant was given on Saturday (05/30) in Kp. Cialih, Des. Pakuhaji, district. Ngamprah, Cimahi – Bandung Barat regency.

Before the handover, activity was opened first and the beneficiaries are gathered one by one. The food assistance provided in the form of food packages such as Rice, vegetable Oil, Sugar and Tea. A total of 25 people are the beneficiaries of the aid.

“Thanks to the RZ and donator for all the help, may Allah SWT reply it doubled. We are very pleased with this help. “Said Mr. Ucu (76).

Newsroom / Wahyudin

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