RZ SALURKAN BANTUAN UNTUK PENGUNGSI ROHINGYA DI KOTA SITTWE DAN MAIKHTHILLA MYANMAR. As we know, Rohingya humanitarian conflict that occurred since 2012 until now has not found a bright spot. Millions of Rohingya refugees who fled in several points such as in Sittwe, Maikthilla, Kyaukphyu, Myaybon as well as several other points in Myanmar and even up in neighboring countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia has unclear future.

Food shortages, malnutrition, no medical team, unfeasible refugee camp as well as uncertainty regarding the status of citizenship are common for them.

This condition makes many parties, including the people of Indonesia moved to provide assistance. Therefore, RZ as one humanitarian organization sends volunteers to Myanmar to fulfill the mandate of the donator in Indonesia.

Volunteers distribute RZ logistical support for the Rohingya refugees on April 26 – May 5, 2016 in Sittwe and Maikthilla.

Logistical support channeled in 2 cities are Kornet SuperQurban, 20 tons of rice, 8500 kg of potatoes, 1 700 liters of cooking oil, 800 kg of onions, 1 600 kg of pulses, 1600 Kg , and 1000 pcs candy.

“Loans for the Rohingya is a bit difficult, we were briefly detained when the police will distribute aid in Sittwe. But, Alhamdulillah, we finally managed to get into the refugee camps and distributing aid. “Reveal Andri Murdianto, Volunteer RZ duty to Myanmar.

Newsroom / Ria Arianti

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