RZ SALURKAN BANTUAN UNTUK WARGA GAZAGAZA.Gaza is one of the most densely populated places on earth with a total area of 365 km2 and a population of more than 1.79 million. Gaza suffer from an increased level of poverty, unemployment, the deficit of everything necessary for human life such as water, food, money, electricity and a suitable place to live.

Economic conditions and the situation of the people living in Gaza in 2015 is very difficult, as a result of the border closure for more than 9 years, the lack of jobs and source of income for most residents have increased the unemployment rate to 53.1% (the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics at the end of 2013).

However, all of that, it does not stop here, three consecutive conflict engulfing the Gaza Strip to kill and maim thousands of people, especially women and children. In the final conflict (in July 2014) of more than 10,500 homes were destroyed and thousands of people to evacuate their homes and leave everything they have.

Therefore it is very important for RZ to implement projects Ramadan for the Palestinians, especially Gaza. In Ramadan RZ project funded by the Islamic Society- Jabalia by implementing Food Package for 53 families and Zakah Fitr for 38 people, with a total budget funneled as much as $ 3,763 or 49,686,652, IDR -.

Rumah Zakat gives great help and support, we take part in helping these people and reduce their suffering during this month.

As for the food packages for families worth $ 45.07 that contain pasta, marmalade, sugar, meat, beans, tomatoes, vegetable oil, rice, olive oil, etc. While Zakah fitr is valued at $ 27 or 356.508 IDR per person.

Ongoing conflicts that plagued Gaza exacerbates the situation, including high levels of poverty and unemployment in addition to the price of food and basic needs are high also makes them unable to meet basic needs for their families.

“Alhamdulillah we managed to distribute food packets as many as 53 packets, Zakah fitr for 38 people. Hopefully this can reduce the economic burden of their families (Gazans). “Said Faizs.


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