RZ SALURKAN BANTUAN UNTUK WARGA LANSIA DI PELOSOK ACEHACEH. Elderly is the population above 60 years old. Indonesia is among the top five countries with the highest number of elderly people in the world. Based on the population census in 2010, the number of elderly in Indonesia is 18.1 million people (7.6% of total population). In 2014, the number of elderly people in Indonesia to be 18.781 million and is expected by 2025, the number will reach 36 million.

One of the problems we encountered in the field, the elderly had no income anymore, this led to their basic needs are lacking.

At (07/31) RZ together with donators distributed economic aid to the elderly exactly in the Aceh Barat, The assistance distributed to 6 beneficiaries whose eldery including Lis (89), Maumunah (106), Ayesha (92), Abdullah (75), Khadijah (89), and Halima (62).

Assistance provided in the form of cash to buy any basic needs of each beneficiary.
“I thank you profusely for RZ and donators, may Allah repay with an abundance of blessings and grace.” Said Abdullah, when met at his residence by RZ volunteers


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