RZ SALURKAN PERLENGKAPAN SEKOLAH DI PEDALAMAN SIDOARJOSIDOARJO. RZ Surabaya volunteers distributed donation of 15 packages of shoes and socks to 4 students of SD Juara Surabaya, 1 RZ Surabaya Fostered Children, and 9  students of SDN Kedung Peluk 2 Dusun Bangon Kec. Candi Kab. Sidoarjo which is the primary school in remote areas of fish farms Sidoarjo regional (1.24).

Action sharing shoe lasts from 07.30 in SD Juara Surabaya. The activity was completed at 08.00. Then all 9 volunteers proceed to the second location SDN Kedung Peluk 2.

The journey they took approximately 1.5 hours, precisely at 09.30 they reached the site and met Mrs. Ruqayah the principals to convey the intent and purpose of volunter visit. “Before we meet students we would like to convey the aim of our visit, we would like provide assistance to children in form of shoes and school supplies, in addition we also provide 22 cans of Superqurban corned and 5 Qur’an of 5 pieces for the school.” Said Andre, coordinator of Volunteers RZ Surabaya.

Furthermore, volunteers entered a classroom containing 9 students from grade 1 to grade 6. There, the volunteers get acquainted, share good motivation through stories, songs, and of course they interacted with each other and get to know more closely with the children there.

“The next session we distributed 7 packets Iqro to students grades 3-6, 9 pencils, 9 notebooks, 18 Superqurban corned beef, and for 2 kind of door prize 2 packs of notebooks, 7 pieces of the pencil, and 9 sock” added Andre.

Entering 11.00 am volunteers distributed 8 packets of school shoes, supposedly for the nine students were only there one sick students named Royhan so new shoes and other school supplies entrusted to the school.

All students seem very happy because a past few days they attend school by wearing sandals because their shoes wet from flood of ponds during the rainy season. Their shoes are also in a very dirty because wet clay near the pond. With the help of the shoes, no wonder if they looked very happy.

Mrs. Ruqayah as Principal said, “I am very happy for the help that has been given by volunteer. The assistance is very useful for students and teachers. Hopefully volunteers were given the ease in doing any social activities, “he said.

Distribution activities were completed at 11:30, which ended with a group photo with students and teachers as well as the volunteers. We went on a trip and stopped by the house of neighborhood leader to distributed 6 Quran aid to the mosque received by Mr. Sukyan.

“Alhamdulillah everything went smoothly, we thank Mrs. Hera Widyastuti for donating shoes and all the RZ donators. Hopefully always given the smoothness of sustenance” added Andre.

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