RZ SALURKAN TIANG BETON UNTUK MASJID DI GARUTREPUBLIKA.CO.ID, GARUT — YMN (Yayasan Masjid Nusantara) along with RZ distributed aid for the renovation of Masjid As-Salafiyah in Kp. Pananggungan RT 03 / RW 07, Lengkong jaya village, district. Karang pawitan, Garut. Renovations are done by installing the foundation and a concrete pillar to strengthen the building of the mosque.

“Laying scribble foundation and a slab of concrete is done as an fondation for the mosque so latter the mosque construction could be built larger. Because since established this mosque does not meet the standards of strong and firm building “said Hamzah, YMN Director, as quoted from the press release received by Republika.co.id, Friday (1/20).

Masjid As-Salafiyah is used by the main mosque use by the community in Lengkong jaya village. The mosque with not strength foundation makes some residents worried and reluctant to use the mosque.

Currently, the construction of mosques has reached the stage of walls reparation. Didi, DKM of As-Salafiyah mosque hope, after the repair is done, hopefully more people come together to prosper mosques in the region.

“Alhamdulillah, thank you finally Masjid As-Salafiyah could be built with strong buttresses. Hopefully the mosque in our village can be better so many people getting excited in worship and prosper of the mosque, “said Didi, DKM Masjid As-Salafiyah.

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