rz-sigap-peduli-banjir-garut-dan-longsor-sumedangSUMEDANG. Rain with high intensity and long duration, plus the high level of vulnerability has caused floods and landslides in Garut and Sumedang regency, West Java province.

Flash floods hit Bayongbong, Tarogong South, Tarogong Kaler, Banyuresmi, Karangpawitan, Garut regency on Wednesday (09/21) at 01.00 pm. Cimanuk River and Cikamuri River overflowed and quickly cause flash flood to a height of 1.5 to 2 meters. Based on preliminary data from BPBDs in Garut there are 8 dead, one missing person, four people were seriously injured, 26 people were slightly injured and hundreds displaced.

Torrential rains that occurred since Tuesday (20/09) at 07:00 p.m causing water volume of Cikamuri River and Cimanuk River rise quickly, at 08:00 a.m flood reached a knee high then about 11: p.m floods as high as 1.5 to 2 meters. Currently flood is receding. It indicates the condition of the upper Cimanuk watersheds is damaged and in critical condition.

“Alhamdulillah, logistical assistance brought by RZ finally arrived on the scene in Public Kitchen post of RZ Garut. Volunteers bring SuperQurban corned beef, rice, mineral water and other food items. ” Said Dhika, PIC of RZ Volunteer

Meanwhile, in the same time landslide happened in cimareme village, South Sumedang district Sumedang regency, West Java province on Tuesday (09/20) at 10:00 pm. Avalanche hoard 2 houses. 2 people were killed and suspected two people were still buried by landslides. Search for victims still on the progress.

Conditions of the people affected by Sumedang landslides at 12:30 pm displaced in GOR Tajimalela. There are 447 inhabitants, in which there are 32 toddlers. They came from Ciherang village, Sukasari Hamlet.

“People are encouraged to continue to raise awareness of the threat of flooding and landslides. Rain will continue to increase until the peak in January 2017. La Nina, negative dipole mode and the warm sea waters in Indonesia caused abundant rain, bigger than normal so as to trigger flooding and landslides, “said Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, Head of Data Information and Public Relations of BNPB.

Dhika continued that the urgent need now is a rescue and evacuation team, ready meals, rice and other food items for the handling of refugees, as well as health services.
RZ Volunteer action today at the disaster site Garut and Sumedang include:
1. Helping the search for survivors
2. Assist the post-flood environment conditioning
3. Distribution of Superqurban corned
4. Preparation of ready meals
5. Documenting field for more help


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